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100% of our non-profit work is based on volunteers who advocate for accessible public park space. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please fill out the contact form below or email

McCarren Tennis Association has been providing a voice for the North Brooklyn tennis community since 2009.


Our organization formed over 14 years ago when the seven McCarren Park public tennis courts were in such disrepair—completely neglected and dangerous. This spurred a small group of avid players in the local community to band together and resurface Court #7 themselves. In that moment of spontaneous "tennis volunteerism", the McCarren Tennis Association (MTA) was born. Fortuitously, this grassroots effort caught the attention of the USTA who partnered with American Express as part of their "Fresh Courts Initiative" to generously renovate and restore all seven courts in time for the 2010 US Open Tournament season!

Since 2010, MTA has been working alongside NYC Park's tennis court attendants and facility employees to help maintain the courts, organize summer ladder leagues/tournaments, offer free kids' clinics and grow into the vibrant, constantly expanding tennis community it has become today. Unfortunately, MTA has yet to establish itself beyond this local level as a partner with NYC Park's for any planning or capital improvement funding projects involving the current tennis courts and surrounding underutilized adjacent MTA has found itself in a familiar position of neglect as evident by the following neighborhood park's data:


2016-2019  McCarren Turf Soccer Field, $3.5M from Mayoral Funding

2018-2023  McCarren Ball Field 3 Reconstruction, $5-10M from Mayoral Funding

2016-2023 McCarren Bathhouse, $11.6M from Mayoral Funding (There are multiple Park Pool Projects each separately funded)


In addition, a key challenge to advocating for annual court maintenance and "accessible public tennis courts" is how MTA and the local community can coexist with a private vendor managing (for profit) a winter bubble until 2035 per a lease with NYC Parks Department. 

This year MTA reorganized and officially registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization becoming "McCarren Tennis Association Corp" (MTAC). MTAC has immediately established several achievable goals which includes opening a dialogue with NYC Parks, Community Board 1 and elected officials as advocates for addressing the growing local tennis community needs. These include installing additional publicly accessible courts, installing LED lighting for all courts, seizing on opportunities to participate in the design & renovation plans for the adjacent under utilized concrete field, green space & landscaping. MTAC's focus on leveraging it's resourceful members and annual activities in promotion of health, wellness and public connectivity inclusive of all ages, backgrounds & demographics of the community at large.


2024 GOALS


Establish an open and effective dialogue with the NYC Parks Department &  Community Board 1 Committee in order to be an engaged and active participant in the proposed future plans for the concrete field adjacent to the current tennis courts.  MTAC believes it is critical to advocate for more public access spaces that are inclusive of the community at large for which these open spaces serve.  ie. advocate to include more "accessible public tennis courts", install additional lighting for all courts, provide more "family friendly" seating areas, repair/replace the existing fence, improve the surrounding landscaping etc.


MTAC will endeavor to grow local business connections and sponsorships with our expanding community events and annual summer ladder & fall ladder tournament. MTAC will return to an annual Open Spring Doubles Tournament to kick off the public access season. MTA's last hosted a Open Doubles Tournament in 2010.


MTAC will ensure the public spring-summer-fall outdoor season are always oriented towards the “public good." MTAC is honored to act as a  liason with NYC Parks in our joint efforts towards annual court maintenance, free public youth tennis programs and charitable events. Utmost importance is establishing a timely and routine court maintenance program along side NYC Parks (immediately after the private bubble removal in late spring as well as throughout the outdoor Summer season).


MTAC encourages tennis players to embrace nature by respecting the landscaping, vegetation and wildlife habitats surrounding the tennis courts. McCarren Tennis Courts have become one of the natural hunting grounds for a family of "Red Tail Hawks". Every spring and summer, players often witness the red tail hawks hunting for their meals and swooping over the courts with amazing grace and speed.









If interested in partnering with McCarren Tennis Association, please see contact information below.



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